Roman’s Driving Academy 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course

Roman’s Driving Academy 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course.

1. Text (315-243-3318) or Email ( a clear photo of your Learner’s Permit (Permit must have photo of you.)

2. Checks or Money Orders for $35.00 should be made out to Roger Roman.

Send to:

Roman’s Driving Academy, LLC,
27 Commane Road,
Baldwinsville, N.Y.

3. Watch the following YouTube Videos.

4. Here’s the link to the DMV Manual:

Answer the questions from the DMV Manual found on the following pages:

  • Page 32 Roadway markings, signs, lines, lights
  • Page 50 Speed, Safety Belts, Fatigue, Road Rage
  • Page 57 Impaired Driving, DWI, Laws
  • Page 63 Driving on Highways, Night Driving, Driving in Adverse Conditions
  • Page 71 Co-existing with Tractor Trailers, Bicycles, Motorcycles

5. We will review the material via phone call or during a driving lesson. This is MANDATORY.

6. Certificates will be mailed to the address on the Learner’s Permit once payment has been received and material has been completed.

7. Be sure to sign the 5 Hour Certificate in the ‘Signature of Student’ blank space.

8. Certificates are valid for one year.

If you have questions or concerns, text Roger Roman at 3152433318. Expect a call back shortly.