Name: Matthew

City: Baldwinsville

How Did We Do?: Mr. Roman’s services are impeccable. He will pick you up for your lessons, nobody else in the area does this. Pretty much always on time. His prices are fair. Good with communication. He’s friendly and kind. He will make sure you’re ready for your road test— within a matter of weeks, he had me feeling confident in things I dreaded before, like parallel parking. Mr. Roman could help anybody get their license, no matter their situation.

Name: Will Bevans

City: Baldwinsville

How Did We Do?: Roger was a fantastic driving teacher! After my mom’s attempts which ended up being headaches for the both of us, we decided to try and get some assistance. In no time, he had me driving with more skill and confidence than I ever expected while talking to me in a fun and friendly way about topics I found interesting. He went as far as to do a little extra driving time the day before my road test to ensure I would be in good shape and thanks to his tutorage overall and that extremely helpful session, I was able to pass my road test easily with my evaluator saying I did “amazing”! I Couldn’t recommend him enough and hopefully, my younger brother will enjoy his assistance as well!

Name: Raul Santana

City: Clay and Baldwinsville

How Did We Do?: Roger is incredible! He raised Isabella’s confidence and put her through her paces with regular driving, parking and highway. Even practiced the road test several times. She nearly aced the actual road test! Thank you Roger for your patience and professionalism!

Name: Natalie

City: Baldwinsville

How Did We Do?: Roger is an amazing teacher and helped me understand and learn how to drive in an effective way. It was definitely so helpful and I highly recommend his services!

Name: Brooke Fraser

City: Elbridge

How Did We Do?: Roger worked with my son after my husband and I were unsuccessful in teaching him. Roger answered our prayers and taught him to be a safe driver. Not only did he teach him what he needed to know to be safe on the road, he was a positive role model and mentor that my son really looked up to. Roger was so easy to work with and went out of his way to accommodate our schedules. He would pick our son up from the house and drop him back off. It was also a huge relief for us that he took him to his drivers test I cannot say enough about his services and would highly recommend him for anyone who needs assistance with driving

Name: Danielle Torrales

City: Baldwinsville

How Did We Do?: Roger was absolutely excellent with our son. He is punctual and professional. He provides feedback after each lesson and informs us when he felt our son was ready for his driving test. Our son said he is encouraging and remains calm during the lessons (unlike us, the parents). Roger provides a variety of services from local driving, highway teaching, weather lessons, and to and from the driving test! This was very helpful as the driving test is during working hours. Our son passed on his first attempt. We will be requesting his services again with our daughter who is soon ready to obtain her learners permit! Highly recommend!!!!

Name: Renae Ross

City: Fulton

How Did We Do?: Roger Roman worked with my daughter, Camilla, to improve her driving skills and get her road test ready. Meeting with her once a week, I began to see Camilla’s skills and confidence grow rapidly. After each lesson, she would tell me how kind, friendly and knowledgeable Rog was as an instructor. Camilla felt like Roger really cared about her success and she was genuinely excited for her lessons each week. As a parent, I can honestly say that it was a relief to have Mr. Roman assist us in teaching Camilla how to drive. Roger was extraordinarily accommodating, even offering to pick Camilla up from school and drop her off at our home after her lessons. That was much appreciated, as we both work until later in the evening. When Roger believed she was ready, he made her road test appointment, allowed her to use the Academy’s vehicle, brought her to the road test site and even took time to give Camilla a pep talk before she was to demonstrate her skills. Our family is so very grateful for Mr. Roman. I can’t wait for our other children to take lessons with him as well!

Name: Patrick McGinley

City: Camillus, New York

How Did We Do?: I have tried to learn to drive a couple of times before. I have never felt comfortable until Roger began to teach me. In only a few months, I passed my road test! Thank you Roger!!!

Name: Jennie Higgins

City: Weedsport, New York

How Did We Do?: If you are looking for a quality, patient, encouraging Driving Instructor, LOOK NO FURTHER! This was our second time using Roman’s Driving Academy. Our first experience was simple, gave some guidelines to our new driver, had some driving sessions, and voila the kid is a great driver. Our second experience was substantially different…. We had two new drivers with NO experience and both were very reluctant. Roger’s dedication was above and beyond our expectations. He worked with these two kids and not only showed them how to drive and prepare for the Road Test, but provided them with a priceless life skill. Now our new drivers beg to be the one in the driver’s seat and both PASSED THEIR ROAD TESTS ON THE FIRST ATTEMPT! We cannot give Roger enough accolades for all of his efforts and patience. You will NEVER find a Driving School/Instructor amazing as this one. Roman’s Driving Academy is solid investment!

Name: Michelle Marie

City: Baldwinsville, New York

How Did We Do?: Roger was great in helping my son learn how to drive. Made my son feel very comfortable behind the wheel and especially with parallel parking (with which he was struggling) Highly Recommend!!!

Name: Dawn Michalkow

City: Baldwinsville, New York

How Did We Do?: My daughter was on her third road test. She had one lesson with Roger and passed with flying colors . Roger is a great teacher and my daughter was very relaxed with him. I would recommend him to anyone and he loves what he does . Thank you

Name: Allison Flynn Cass

City: Liverpool, New York

 How Did We Do?: Could not be any happier and satisfied with Roger Roman’s Driving Academy. He prepared my son for his road test in a short amount of time and he passed today! Worth every cent! Reasonable prices and friendly and dedicated to his students. Will recommend to all my friends !

Name: Cheri D’Elia

City: Baldwinsville, NY

How Did We Do?: *DEFINITELY RECOMMEND ** I have to be honest, when we first considered getting lessons for our daughter , my husband and I were very nervous using a male instructor . However, Roger was incredible! He was super knowledgeable, kind , encouraging and a great blessing to our daughter! He was always prompt, professional and we were very comfortable having our daughter under his instruction! Roger was just what our daughter needed to improve her skill level and confidence as a driver . Thank you Roger for all your help and encouragement! You have made this such a positive experience for Arianna along with my husband and I. So, look no further if you need driving lessons !! Roger goes above and beyond to be sure his students are prepared for their road rest and driving safely! If I could give 100 stars I would ! Way to go Roger .. keep up the great work. Thank you !! Cheri and Tony D’Elia

Name: Jeannette Precourt

City: Jacks Reef, NY

How Did We Do?: He did a great job teaching my daughter the skills needed to drive. Gave her the experience and confidence she needed to take her test without doubting her abilities!! Highly recommended!

Name: Jennifer Gallivan AuClair

City: Phoenix, NY

How Did We Do?: Hiring Roger to help my son prepare for the road test (which he passed the first time!) was a great decision. Roger was super flexible and was able to give Chris tips and suggestions to help him be a safe and successful driver. Roger’s easy going personality and experience as a teacher (not to mention his knowledge of baseball!) made it an enjoyable experience for Chris. I have already recommended Roger’s driving school to my friends with teenagers and will continue to do so.

Name: Gina Tonello

City: Baldwinsville, NY

How Did We Do?: Roger Roman was exactly what my son needed. We had intended to have him take driver’s ed but because of covid, that didn’t happen. Thank God we found Mr. Roman! He picked up my son right at our house for several private lessons that were invaluable. There are some lessons a kid can accept from a teacher way better than a parent, and driver ed is definitely one of them. Mr. Roman is the nicest man, and as a school teacher, he knows exactly how to relate to teens. I felt safe with my son in his car, even with covid. They both wore masks and he wiped the car down thoroughly in between students. My son passed his test on the first try. Undoubtedly because of his private lessons. So grateful!

Name: Pankhudi Sinha

City: Skaneateles, NY

How Did We Do?: Roger is an amazing teacher and a great guy! I’d recommend him to anybody!

Name: Jill M C.

City: Baldwinsville

How Did We Do?: So glad that I chose Roger to teach my son to drive. The whole experience was excellent. Very convenient having him pick my son up at home. I highly recommend his service. Thank you Roger for everything!

Name: Roene N.

City: Jamesville

How Did We Do?: After 3 failed attempts Roger helped me pass my first road test with him, with a perfect score! Super nice, always encouraging me and making sure that I was more than ready, he’s the man!

Name: Carolyn S.

City: Baldwinsville

How Did We Do?: Highly recommend Romans Driving Academy. He was more then patient and gave our teenage daughter the confidence to pass her road test. Can’t thank him enough.

Name: Kelly

City: Oswego

How Did We Do?: I got my permit four years ago, and I slowly began to lose hope of getting my driver’s license. That was until I met with Mr. Roman. We talked about my goals for driving, and he was willing to drive out to help me practice driving which was extremely helpful for me. Mr. Roman is very patient and always provides the best advice/information. Not only this, but he really wants to see his students achieve their goals, and it shows. I couldn’t have found anyone better to help me prepare for the road test! His knowledge and support really motivated me and helped me pass my road test! I would highly recommend Mr. Roman to anyone in need of driving lessons! Thank you again Mr. Roman!!

Name: Vanessa & Caron Dunbar

City: Elbridge

How Did We Do?: I’m glad my mom convinced me to have Mr. Roman teach me to parallel park, 3 point turn, and other tips. I’m more confident. I passed my road test in Auburn. I was comfortable with him. 1st lesson used his vehicle, was very comfortable driving, except when he surprised me with putting on the brake…I had no idea he had his own brake! Second lesson I used our own vehicle. I’m so happy! Thanks again Mr. Roman … My mom and I have been talking you up!!! Vanessa!!!

Name: Joyce, Mike and Evan Barker

City: Baldwinsville

How Did We Do?: Roger was highly recommended by two friends and we couldn’t be happier for the referral! Our two older sons attended ABLE Driving School and while they had a good experience, Evan’s experience was definitely much better with Roger. Upon meeting Roger we were immediately at ease that Evan was going to be in good hands. He is enthusiastic, willing to communicate with both parents and child, and definitely provided Evan with the confidence and skills he was lacking behind the wheel. Evan enjoyed his experience immensely and passed his road test the first time. We would highly recommend Roger!

Name: Dr. Tish Oney

City: Greenville, SC

How Did We Do?: Roger is an outstanding teacher of many subjects–in the case of Driver Ed, his patience and thorough coverage of the material was exceptional. As nervewracking as getting behind the wheel was for this beginner, I felt very capable and well-prepared beforehand thanks to his well-structured lecture material, practical advice, sense of humor (which put us all at ease) and his quick reflexes whenever a student had a near-miss… Roger knows how to teach this material completely, respectfully and confidently. I highly recommend this driving school!

Name: Mallory Warner

City: Baldwinsville

How Did We Do?: Roger is amazing!!! Not only is he excellent at instructing, but he is so patient and as a learning driver, making mistakes is common and patience is needed. So happy I went to him before I took my drivers test. For such a stressful test he made me feel assured and confident in my ability.

Name: Sherri Hefti

City: Elbrdige

How Did We Do?: Thank The Good Lord Mr. Roman was able to teach me how to drive.. My Father took me out a few times and he had no patience.. GREAT TEACHER, Very Patient man.. I highly recommend..

Name: Eloise Rogers

City: Memphis, NY

How Did We Do?: I took Drivers Ed with Mr. Roman at Jordan-Elbridge while I was in high school. I was so impressed with the course, it was actually fun! I learned so much and truly feel I am a safer driver for taking the course even nearly a decade later. I still only know how to parallel park because of Mr. Roman! I was highly impressed with his calm and relaxed demeanor; it made driving a lot less stressful which allowed me to focus more on what I was doing. I would highly recommend anyone learning to drive to spend some time with Mr. Roman!

Name: Jessica

City: Solvay

How Did We Do?: I am a former JE student and I took Mr. Roman’s driving class in the summer of 2009. It was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. He made driving fun but incredibly safe. I would recommend his driving academy to anybody in a heartbeat.

Name: Mildred Phillips-Espana

City: Penn Yan, NY

How Did We Do?: I took Mr. Roman’s Driver’s Education class in the summer of 1998 right before my junior year of high school. He was a very patient and calm teacher that puts you at ease. He guides you in a way that helps you feel that you can be a confident and safe driver. I still use the skills he taught me in my everyday driving. I would not be the driver I am without him. I live more than an hour away but i still plan on having my son take lessons with him when he turns 16 this year! Mr. Roman is the best!

Name: Oswego_Mom

City: Oswego!

How Did We Do?: Mr. Roman has it all – patience, experience, empathy and a good sense of humor. Having had the opportunity to have Mr. Roman as a teacher back in the day, it seemed like a sign from the universe to have him help me out to finally get my driver’s license. We will definitely be looking to Roman’s Driving Academy when my kids are ready to acquire their driving skills!

Name: John Johnson

City: Baldwinsville

How Did We Do?: Mr. Roman is a great teacher, able to help in many ways, not just skills instruction. He is skilled at teaching, not just the basics of control and skills, he is able to help you become far more comfortable behind the wheel.

Name: Annie

City: Jordan

How Did We Do?: I improved immensely with my driving skills with Mr. Roman. He is really patient and really cares about his students. I passed my road test on the first try and I felt more confident with doing lessons with him.

Name: Chase

City: Baldwinsville

How Did We Do?: Great! It was a fun and very easy thing to do! I enjoyed learning how to drive with roger and he was very nice about everything!

Name: K Bethel

City: Memphis

How Did We Do?: A great experience and very convenient. Mr. Roman improved on driving skills, and made the whole experience comfortable. The convenience of having him pick up and drop off at our house during the day for a lesson and the road test worked out very well with our busy schedules. I will highly recommend his service to our friends and family.

Name: Dobrowolski

City: Baldwinsville

How Did We Do?: Using Roman’s Driving Academy was a smart idea. Rog has a knack for teaching. He is able to get “on level” with the student. He evaluates, teaches and prepares the learner for the driver’s road test in a friendly, not intimidating way. It is wise to use the academy car for the actual driver’s test. We will be looking him up again when younger brother is ready! Thanks again!`

Name: Beth Nicholson

City: Fulton

How Did We Do?: Roger is incredible!! I had two daughters both take lessons from Roger. I even had hired him to take one of them to their road test. It was such a stress reliever to know I had a real professional teaching my daughters! Both have their licenses and when my third daughter hits 16 you know for sure I’ll be using him again! Thank you Roger!!

Name: Cheryl Conway-Daly

City: Cato

How Did We Do?: I would happily recommend Roger as a driving instructor for new students or anyone needing refresher lessons as was my case, after moving into the area from abroad. Roger has many years of driving instructor experience and it shows, he is calm, patient, gives very clear instruction and his friendly personality puts people at ease. That he was able to pick me up from home for our driving lessons was a bonus. Thank you Roger.

Name: Susan MacArthur

City: Baldwinsville

How Did We Do?: Roger is an amazing driving instructor. He is reliable, on time and we trusted him with our daughter. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Roman’s Driving Academy.

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